Edifice Honda Racing Championship white edition
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The Championship White Edition — a very special timepiece designed in collaboration with Honda Racing

Back in 1964, the Honda RA271 was the first entry by a Japanese automaker in an F1™ race, with its classic white body and red rising sun. This body color, dubbed "Championship White", became proof of Honda's pride and a symbol of the passion they put into every race. EDIFICE pays tribute to Honda for its distinguished F1™ history and passionate racing spirit in the ECBS100HR, an homage to the first Honda racecar on the F1™ circuit. Designed in collaboration with Honda Racing, using special touches like real Championship White paint, this model exudes the full-on spirit of Honda Racing.


The first F1™ car by a Japanese automaker, racing for the Honda team in 1964.

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Painted in authentic Championship White

The body color of RA271, dubbed "Championship White," became proof of Honda Racing's pride and a symbol of the passion they put into every race. In the same way, the EDIFICE Honda Racing Championship White Edition features red accents on a white body, exuding the full-on spirit of Honda Racing.

A checkered flag pattern recalls countless victories

The glass features a printed pattern that evokes a checkered flag, a nod to the many victories Honda Racing has won on the world's greatest tracks.

A special band fit for a limited-edition model

The top of the genuine leather band is rendered in a color reminiscent of Championship White, while the underside is in Honda Red, evoking the RA271's rising sun as well as Honda Racing's spirit. Also includes an additional nylon band.