― ECBS100D ―

Grille-inspired dial design in a digital-analogue combination watch with Smartphone Link and Tough Solar, now in a new slim look

We’ve added Smartphone Link and Tough Solar solar-charging capabilities to this slimline digital-analogue combination watch. Inspired by the front grilles of sports cars, the dial’s mesh background gives it a vibe that’s both precise and sporty.

A Grille Design Inspired by Automobiles

The dial design is inspired by a sports car’s grille. The precise dial construction — the combination of the metallic mesh, the X-shaped metal part, and the dial ring with its index marks — give it a truly mechanical feel.

A new solar charging system that frees up dial design

By adopting a low-power Bluetooth® system, we reduced the solar-receptive area of the ECBS100 to about 45% that of the previous ECB900 model. This allows for a higher degree of freedom in face design while still ensuring stable power for the watch's rich functionality.

  • *1 Bluetooth installed smartphone only. iOS: iOS 10 or later. Android: Android 6.0 or later.