New York, Manhattan.

Right in the middle of Manhattan is the largest train station in the world. Grand Central Station was opened in 1913, it has 44 underground platforms. I’m waiting on the concourse here in front of the famous 4-sided station clock (that is said to be worth approx. 20 million dollars) and I get a sense of the old “Good Old U.S. of A” pervading the atmosphere.

Here in the middle of Manhattan, I recall a passage from the book “Delirious New York”. “Time is not a thing to talk about, it's something we have to embrace”.
The 1978 book “Delirious New York” is a masterpiece urban theory written by architect Rem Koolhaas. In the book Koolhaas refers to the possibilities and limitations for Manhattan brought about by capitalistic desire. Manhattan, which also serves as a symbol of American capitalism, is built on one bedrock. The fear is that the energy being emitted (from the bedrock or from the city?) was going to go wrong when it mixed absurd desire.

A New York businessman gets to the office at 5 o'clock. To get an early start. Its 5 o'clock in the morning. Power Breakfast is said to be standard. Whoever controls the morning controls the day, and so seems to control New York. At the end of work, you cherish your privacy. The precise use of time may be the way to “freedom”.

Enjoy Times Square, the Empire State Building, friends and New York. It is a city that has a sudden urge to do something. Dynamic beauty and evolution. It has a functional beauty that is also expressed in EDIFICE.
EDIFICE guided me in precise time here in New York as if protecting me from the energy of Manhattan.