Smartphone Link

Smartphone Link

Linking the watch to a smartphone provides access to the correct time,
not only in the current location but over 300 cities around the world.
Alarm setting and control over various other functions
from the smartphone enhance operability to an unprecedented high level.

Automatic Time Adjustment

The watch is reset regularly 4 times a day*1 by the smartphone to show both home time and world time correctly. You can also reset the watch manually with just a push of a button*2 when crossing between time zones. The precise time in the current location is displayed instantly with DST (daylight saving time) taken into account.

*1 EQB-501, EQB-600 and EQB-700 are 4 times a day. EQB-500 is once a day *2 EQB-600

Accurate Time System

Accurate time information (UTC) is acquired by a smartphone from a time server on the Internet. The smartphone then analyzes this time data and its own current positioning data regarding the time zone and DST (daylight saving time) status of the current location and resets the watch to the correct time automatically. Since Wi-Fi communication is also possible, the smartphone can also acquire time information in indoor environments such as airports or subways.

Easy watch settings

World time setting and various other operations can be managed on the smartphone.

  • World time city selection
  • Home time / world time display switching
  • Operation sound ON / OFF switching
  • Adjusting hand alignment
  • Alarm setting

Phone Finder

Performing a button operation on the watch causes your phone to sound a tone, even if it is in silent mode. This means you can quickly locate your phone even if it is in your bag, or anywhere else nearby.

Other Function

  • Transfer stopwatch data to a phone to create a log file.(lap/split time display measured in 1/1000 second for up to 100 entries)
  • Use your watch to check for new e-mail. (Requires registration of mail account with the app.)

Comparison Chart of Mobile Link Functions

EQB-900 EQB-800 EQB-501 ECB-800
Time Adjustment
Easy watch settings World Time
for over 300 cities
Daily alarm settings
Countdown timer settings
Button Operation Tone ON/OFF
Home time /
World time
Stopwatch Data Transfer
EQB-900 EQB-800 EQB-700 EQB-501
Email Check *
Alert Notification
( call/Email/SNS notification, etc. )
Phone Finder
Adjusting Hand Alignment
  • * By operating the watch, you can check the new Email whether they are coming or not.

EDIFICE Connected

Download on the App Store ANDROID APP ON Google play


Download on the App Store ANDROID APP ON Google play

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